The Center for Institutional Evaluation, Research and Planning (CIERP) is part of the Information Resources and Planning (IRP) division at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). Our office supports research-based planning and evaluation processes that are ongoing, integrated, and institution-wide.

Internally, the staff at CIERP comprise a network of professional colleagues, concentrated into six nodes of expertise. Members of each node contribute to the analysis and insights provided in any given inquiry, model, or report coming through our office, creating a truly interconnected and collaborative environment.

Planning & Analytics tracks and explores data for federal, state, and system accountability metrics and reports, and develops models to support the generation and implementation of planning activities.

Data & Reporting provides data validation, and develops databases and interactive web tools that facilitate access to quality institutional data. This group is responsible for all state- and federally-mandated reports, ad hoc data requests, and national-level external surveys, and also assists campus administrators, faculty, and staff with data requests needed for purposes such as accreditation reviews, grant proposals and evaluations.

Evaluation & Surveys evaluates programs that advance institutional goals to support decision-making and continuous improvement. The group also coordinates and administers institutional surveys such as the New Student Survey, Graduating Senior Survey, and Campus Experience Survey.

Methods enhances the rigor, reliability, and validity of institutional research projects by analyzing research problems and determining appropriate and meaningful methods to answer research questions. Members participate in the planning, design, and analytical phases of various projects, identify and propose innovative research designs and data as pertinent to important institutional and educational policy issues, and build a knowledge base of quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods.

Research & Communications compiles and analyzes research, reports, and policy related to higher education, institutional research, and continuous improvement, and helps develop publications and presentations to communicate complex information to multiple audiences.

Administration oversees all aspects of the CIERP’s day-to-day functioning, including personnel, budget, purchasing, and monitoring timelines for state and federal reports and Center projects.

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