The UTEP Center for Institutional Evaluation, Research and Planning (CIERP) offers a unique setting for students to gain paid, practical experiences in research, reporting, data analysis, web tool development, and technical communications that have real impact on our goals for actionable insights and continuous improvement.

CIERP interns come from undergraduate and graduate programs across campus, and contribute refreshing perspectives and innovative projects. Over the years, a wide variety of interns have left lasting impressions on our ongoing efforts at research-based planning and evaluation while also gaining valuable skills in managing independent work, participating in team research, and communicating complex information in a fast-paced environment.

There are no intern positions available at this time. Check back to learn of new openings.

Over the years, we have been honored to work with an array of talented individuals:

Undergraduate Interns

Karina Parolari-Carranza
Pursuing a B.B.A. in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Francisco Pizana Villarreal
Pursuing a B.S. in Nursing

Former Undergraduate Interns

Evangelina Espinoza – 2015
Pursuing a B.S. in Cellular & Molecular Biochemistry

Jose Carnero - 2012-13
Pursuing B.S.W.

Omar Gutierrez Ruiz - 2013
Pursuing B.S., Cellular & Biolmolecular Chemistry

Jonathan Holguin - 2010-13
Pursuing B.A., Psychology

Daniela Vargas – 2013
B.B.A., Accounting (2014)

Talina Avila – 2011
B.M.S., Multidisciplinary Studies (2014)

Sally Rochel - 2008-09; 2009-2010
B.A., Psychology (2009)
Financial Professional

Claudia Ochoa - 2007-09 M.A., Experimental Psychology (2009)
J.D. (U. of Minnesota, 2011)
Assistant Chief Counsel
Department of Homeland Security

Malissa Arras - 2006-09 B.A., Philosophy (2009)
B.A., (The American University of Rome, 2011)
M.A., (Claremont Graduate University)
President, Texas Trost Society

Trisha Reade - 2005-07
B.S., Kinesiology (2007)
K-6 Teacher
Desert View Elementary

Zulima Anguiano - 2005-06
B.B.A., Management (2009)

Soña Buffova - 2005-06
Ramon Aragon - 2008-10

Graduate Interns

Elizabeth Perez Hutchins
Pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology

Corin Ramos
Pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology

Former Graduate Interns

J. Maribel Herrera - 2013
M.S., Statistics
Research Assistant, CIERP
The University of Texas at El Paso

S. Scott Lunsford - 2005
Ph.D., Rhetoric & Composition (2008)
Assistant Professor
Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
James Madison University

Ali Jalal Kamali - 2013
Pursuing Ph.D., Computer Science
Francis Biney - 2012-13
Department of Mathematics
The University of Texas at El Paso

Shubhra Datta - 2009-13
M.S.C.S. (2011)
Senior Software Engineer
University of Texas at Austin

Mario Elizalde - 2008-13
M.S., Economics
Owner, El Paso Driven

Prosper Abormegah - 2013
Pursuing M.S., Statistics

Josephine Akosa - 2013
Pursuing M.S., Statistics

Sathya Amarasekara - 2013
Pursuing M.S., Statistics

Chalani Wijayasinge - 2013
Pursuing M.S., Statistics

Alicia Serpa - 2012, 2013
Pursuing Ph.D., Psychology

Rachel Small - 2012, 2013
Pursuing Ph.D., Psychology

Larissa Schmersal
Ph.D., Experimental Psychology (2011)

Bivas Das - 2011
M.C.S. (2011)
Software Engineer
Intuit - San Francisco, CA

Maduranga Dassanayake - 2011
M.S., Statistics (2012)
School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences
Arizona State University

Misty C. Duke - 2011
Ph.D., Legal Psychology (2012)

Marianna Hendricks - 2011
Research Associate, CIERP
University of Texas at El Paso

Christian Herrera - 2011
Software Engineer
Belcan/Caterpillar, Peoria, IL

Mario Torres Escobedo - 2011
M.B.A. (2012)

Daniel Vasquez - 2011
M.Ed., Instructional Specialist (2011)

Francisco Salgado - 2009, 2010-11
M.A., Clinical Psychology
Ph.D. student, University of Memphis

Saul Soto - 2010-11
B.S., Statistics (2009)
Master’s student in Teaching Math, UTEP

Luis Alvarado, 2010
M.S., Statistics (2011)

Angelica De La Cruz - 2009-10
M.A., Art-Art Education (2010)

Anne-Laure Bourgois - 2009-10
M.Ed., Guidance and Counseling (2011)

Xiaojing Wang - 2007
Ph.D., Computer Science (2012)
Research Associate, CIERP
The University of Texas at El Paso

Hyoung Suk Lee - 2007
Ph.D., Psychology (2010)
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Washington, Tacoma

Lucía Durá - 2006
Ph.D., Rhetoric and Composition (2011)
Assistant Professor
Department of English
The University of Texas at El Paso

Jennifer H. Taylor - 2006-07
Ph.D., Psychology (2010)
Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Lock Haven University

Thomas J. Taylor - 2006
Ph.D., Psychology (2010)
Statistician, Directorate of Evaluation and Standardization
Defense Language Institute and Foreign Language Center
Presidio of Monterrey

Myoung Kim - 2006
Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science
Research Associate, CIERP
University of Texas at El Paso

Ulises Arnold - 2005-08
M.B.A. (2006)
Research Associate, CIERP
University of Texas at El Paso

Gabriela Montoya - 2005-07
M.P.A. (2007)
Bilingual Service Coordinator
Rocky Mountain Human Services

Blandine Chantepie - 2005
M.S., Economics and International Business (2005)

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